Together, we will put your company on a growth course. 

With two levers we make your company more profitable:
First: You sell more. Because our customer surveys tell you exactly what your customers want.
Secondly, you reduce your costs – without risk and with constant or better quality.

Know what your customers really think - with the Net Promoter Score methodology

With the NPS customer survey you get

  • precise information on where you need to improve your processes, your products and your customer service from the point of view of your customers.
  • cost efficiency: Save pages of questionnaires on topics that your customers are only marginally interested in.
  • In a first survey you will find out what is really important to your customers. In the second step, your customers give you detailed information in short, regular surveys about what you need to do to improve customer satisfaction.

Optimized costs with constant or better quality - on a success basis

  • Cost pressure? Your competition produces cheaper? Don’t panic!
  • We optimize your costs without sacrificing quality. We find ways to save money, even if you have already optimised your costs yourself – e.g. with a new waste concept or new processes.
  • Cut costs with a good feeling: We don’t cut your staff together, but take the concerns of the controlling department, buyers and your colleagues seriously and ensure that all parties involved work well together to optimise costs.

How we work:

  • In NPS projects and in customer surveys, we are at your side until your survey has produced relevant results.
  • We calculate the ROI of the NPS program for you at an early stage of the project so that you are sure to invest correctly.

How we work:

  • We work success-based. That means you don’t take any risks: In cost optimisation projects, you will only receive an invoice if we have really implemented savings for you.
  • From waste costs to office processes, from contributions to professional associations to packaging: Our approx. 120 cost experts deal (almost) 365 days a year only with their area of expertise – that’s how they find the best solutions for you.

You have come to the right place, if you

  • don’t want to make business decisions according to gut feeling, but because you know exactly what your customers want and what matters to them in detail.
  • want to achieve meaningful results without having to read dozens of white papers or do postgraduate studies in customer surveys.
  • want to avoid typical mistakes in customer surveys and use best practices to quickly achieve meaningful results.
  • are a medium-sized company or an enterprise with sales of 50 million euros or more.

You have come to the right place, if you

  • want to optimize the costs in your company, but have no budget for external support from consultants. Because our fee is based on your savings.
  • have already exhausted all internal possibilities for cost optimization.
  • look for a partner who brings along over 120 cost experts and can help you with every type of cost – from the waste concept to your professional association contributions to your personnel and IT costs.
  • are a medium-sized company or an enterprise with a turnover of € 20 million or more.

What our customers say:

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*NPS, Net Promoter, Net Promoter Score are a registered trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.

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