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How to become economically more successful and wow your customers

You never want to pay too much for your material costs again? You want to actively manage the relationship with your customers instead of grieving about lost customers? We help companies reduce their costs and retain customers for the long term with the Net-Promoter-Score-Program.

Why customer orientation and cost management improve your operating results

Michael Paulus, founder and managing director of paulusresult GmbH:
Michael Paulus

“As early as 1985 I was annoyed by the lack of customer orientation in companies. When I ordered a catalogue, there was a problem. It took six months for the seller to solve the problem. I never ordered from this company again.”

Since then, Michael Paulus has been involved in the topic of customer orientation and the impact on sales in the company. In his daily work, however, he noticed that customer-oriented measures often fail due to cost constraints and are therefore not implemented.

“As an authorized signatory at General Electric and managing director at Ericsson, I was able to successfully implement cost optimization projects and thus achieve additional degrees of freedom.”


The combination of these experiences was the birth of paulusresult GmbH in 2011:

“With my own company, I support companies in becoming more customer-oriented and thus achieve more turnover and more profit. We use the leading international methodology for managing customer loyalty – the Net Promoter Score® methodology. Here we are solution partners of the co-inventor of NPS, Satmetrix.”

In order to obtain the necessary budget for customer-oriented measures, or for companies that want to intelligently optimize their costs for other reasons, my customers can use cost management on a success basis. We analyze the costs of a company and implement the optimizations together. paulusresult only receives a fee if savings have actually been realized. Here we are license partners of Expense Reduction Analysts, the leading company in this sector and regularly manage more than 50 experts as senior partners in customer projects.

The paulusresult GmbH does not see itself as a classical consultant, who only delivers suggestions, but as a partner of the results with guaranteed success and also stands by the customer after the implementation.

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