Christiane Liebe, Project Manager

At paulusresult I have been NPS project manager since 2017 and provide you with tips and tricks about NPS via our blog and newsletter. During my studies in economics and cultural studies I learned to keep an overview of many different topics at the same time. In practice, I coordinated a wide variety of projects – from cultural events to website relaunches and marketing campaigns. What I particularly like about the Net Promoter Score® is that it is all about individual people and that the methodology is simple to implement and easy to communicate.

After graduating, I sold large IT projects to medium-sized companies for three years. During this time I got to know the needs of numerous medium-sized companies and their internal processes. My success in sales was not due to marketing slogans and flowery descriptions, but to a precise analysis of the challenges faced by my customers. Pragmatic solutions, presented in simple, understandable language, are important to me. In my NPS-projects, I also put on an extra hour for an explanatory webinar or the creation of an infographics, so that at the end of the day everyone involved arrives at their destination.


I am looking forward to implementing an NPS project with you, in which all employees will be taken along. In addition, I deal with DSGVO-compliant surveys and the legally compliant, data protection-compliant implementation of customer surveys. Just get in touch with me!

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