Michael Paulus, CEO

Already as a teenager I was once annoyed about a bad customer service of a mail order company when I bought a printer. It arrived defective due to transport damage. It took half a year to solve the problem. The process cost the mail order company an unbelievable amount of money – but he still lost me as a customer.

Since then, I have been enthusiastic about efficient processes and customer orientation, which is why I studied industrial engineering. After all, it is always the right combination of business topics with technical expertise that makes a good solution.

At Bertelsmann, General Electric and Ericsson, most recently as managing directors, I learned my tools in practice – both in terms of efficiency enhancement and cost optimization as well as customer orientation. Since 2011, companies have been able to benefit from the know-how that we have built up as a team at paulusresult GmbH. I am proud of the fact that many large medium-sized companies and corporations have already been able to benefit from this. Take a look at our website to see what added value you can get – with a guarantee of success.

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