Reduce costs with a good feeling thanks to cost optimization

Your shareholders demand higher profits?

You are planning an investment, but you lack the financial means?

Do you have to save costs in order to survive on the market with competitive prices?

Commission us for cost optimization now and have more money afterwards than before:

We offer success-based consulting for cost optimization for companies!

We know that there is cost potential in your company. With the right experts, we can work with you to lift it. This is why we are partners of Expense Reduction Analysts and can draw on more than 120 proven experts for cost optimisation. Together we identify potential points of attack and start a project to optimize individual processes, suppliers and material costs.

Payment is only made on a success basis, i.e. when we can actually reduce your material costs sustainably with at least the same quality and increase your liquidity. This gives you the financial resources you need for your customer loyalty programme and enables you to plan the next steps for organic growth.

Optimizing costs in the company to improve operating results

Are you already well positioned in terms of costs? Many entrepreneurs are convinced of this.

Nevertheless, we give you a guarantee of success: with our help you can achieve even more. Just as Olympic lone fighters achieve 15% better performances than decathletes, our specialists offer you real added value, which leads to better processes of the same or better quality and reduced costs. paulusresult is a long-standing license partner of Expense Reduction Analysts and integrates specialists for every type of cost so that you become more successful. The more than 25-year success story and more than 1000 customers in DACH of Expense Reduction Analysts speak a clear language here: With cross-company and cross-industry benchmarks we identify deficits, through thousands of projects we have a bulging supplier database and know for you hitherto unknown suppliers who are ideally adjusted to your requirements. Implementing cost optimizations is our core business, which is why we also cross the finish line and ensure sustainable savings if you are already working on new projects.

All our customers benefit from at least a 6-digit improvement in operating profit. Our success rates are unbeatably high, in more than 80% our customers decide together with us to implement a project, because sufficient potentials can be raised, with which you can realize your goals afterwards.

You have cost pressure and already exhausted all possibilities for process and cost optimization?

From waste to office process optimization, from IT costs to professional association contributions: A separate expert for each type of cost

We have a permanent network of more than 120 specialists at our disposal. Each specialist expert deals exclusively with his or her special area of cost optimisation throughout the year. Our experts know the pitfalls of cost optimization and find ways to save money, even if you have already tried to optimize your costs yourself.

Together with you, we will identify which cost types in your company offer potential for cost reductions.

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Optimizing costs through digitalization

Are you wondering how your company could benefit from digitisation? If you would like, we can check whether technologies such as robotic automation could help your company to move forward as part of a cost optimization project free of charge for you. In addition, we calculate the ROI of the respective investment for you.

Would you like to know more?

For companies with frequently recurring office processes and many isolated IT solutions

Save valuable working time with process automation with Robotic Process Automation

For companies with call centres with 100 or more employees

Save costs, increase customer satisfaction and reduce customer churn with text analytics and speech analytics

For companies with call centers and many recurring callers

Fraud-proofly authenticate callers while saving costs and increasing customer satisfaction

Consulting and implementation for cost reduction in the company - Optimize costs without stress

Every company wants to implement optimizations. Nevertheless, there is often a lack of time, experience or competence to implement optimizations. Our experts and project managers will take care of that for you:

  • We manage the entire project – you can sit back and leave all time-consuming tasks to us. In this way you minimize the burden on your own team. You concentrate on making the right decisions on the basis of well-prepared decision templates.
  • We provide the necessary know-how: Our specialists are focused on their field of expertise and bring benchmarks and experience from the same as well as other industries with them. Above all, they have experience in bringing projects to a successful conclusion.
  • We assume all expense and fee risks: In most cases we are successful together with our clients. Nevertheless, there are cases in which we bite our teeth out and are unable to realise any optimisations. If we should not be successful, this should not be to your detriment, as we do not invoice a fee for the effort involved. You can qualify for a free proof of concept in the area of speech and text analysis as well as speech authentication.
  • Our fee will be invoiced subordinated from the realized savings: Our fee is not calculated on the basis of theoretical or calculated savings, but on the basis of actual and proven savings. And this on the basis of a savings calculation jointly agreed in advance.

Contact us for a cost analysis and find out how you can benefit from a cooperation.

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