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Start your success-based project now with the Robotic Process Automation provider

  • Do you have many office processes in your company that always run the same way and have to be completed several times a day? (e.g. the creation of new contracts or changes to customer data?)
  • Are you looking for a solution that will speed up your work without having to restructure your entire IT or invest in interfaces?
  • You only want to automate your office processes if you can be sure that it works and you really save costs?

Then you have come to the right place! We are a success-based Robotic Process Automation provider:

  • No stress – we will find out exactly where in your company it is worthwhile to automate office processes.
  • Success-based – that means without risk for you. You will only receive an invoice if you actually realize savings through the project.
  • With sensitivity and understanding: We have already carried out numerous projects for cost optimization in medium-sized companies. That’s why we know where possible pitfalls are in such a project and make sure that you don’t even step into them.

Talk to an expert about Robotic Process Automation:

What can Robotic Process Automation do?

  • RPA can do a lot – automate office processes, close gaps between automated office processes and automatically find office processes suitable for RPA.
  • RPA is like the personal assistant of the employee who takes over routine tasks … and sometimes asks for advice when he doesn’t know what to do.
  • RPA is flexible and independent of the task at hand and the IT application. It can be used without interface programming.

Something more tangible:

  • Robotic Process Automation is like the good old Excel macro – only “modern”, flexible and completely cross-system. In case of deviations from the routine, it asks for information so that even ambiguous office processes can be automated.
  • RPA logs into the systems like an employee and, for example, transfers information from pdf or from Excel or from CRM or from the Internet or, or, or into one or more other systems (e.g. SAP, ERP, etc.) and synchronizes data.
  • It follows the previously defined business rules and points out links to other office processes (“guidance“) or deviations. For example, RPA can also “extract” data from different systems in order to generate a consolidated report (e.g. for annual financial statements) or perform comparisons (e.g. delivery note comparison, contract compliance, etc.).

For which challenges is Robotic Process Automation the right solution?

  • Your company suffers from a shortage of skilled workers. You want (or need) to assign your employees to value-added tasks instead of routine tasks.
    • One sign of this is that your individual departments have a high demand for employees.
  • You have many manual, frequently recurring tasks, such as PC input. A lot of data is stored redundantly because you have several IT systems in use.
    • Important for automation: The office processes are structured or standardized and have a high number (e.g. more than 20 times a day, more or less the same task).
  • You have partially automated office processes in your company, but the networking of the different software or interfaces is still missing (i.e. the transfer from one system to another).
    • Signs: Various software applications and web applications are available.
  • You have office processes that do not interlock.
    • Signs: Numerous office processes with data redundancy

What applications are there for automation with robots?

Example areas of applications are:

  • Invoice verification, ordering processes, reporting automation, new customer processes
  • Data transmission between service providers
  • Collection and processing of valuation parameters, period-end closing entries and reconciliations between internal and external accounting systems
  • On-Boarding of personnel or HR Onboarding (in a case study time for employees was reduced from 138 minutes to 3 minutes )
  • Financial processes:
    • Invoice portals available – but supplier admission takes place manually
    • Linking of portals, portal queries
    • Market data analysis
    • Verification of compliance with contract conditions, delivery note comparison

What is my benefit from Robotic Process Automation?


  • Faster (well integrated) office processes, little to no effort for your employees.
  • Fewer errors & higher process loyalty (compliance).
  • Your employees have more time for the customer and for value creation tasks. This means increased customer and employee satisfaction.
  • Your robot can take over recurring tasks in the office.

Strategical & financial

  • Reduced costs (time expenditure employees and potentiability tasks).
  • Fast ROI.
  • You quickly see advantages from the realization.
  • No intervention in the IT landscape is required. Your existing systems remain as they are, no interface programming required.
  • Your company can better adapt to changing situations, e.g. you can better absorb order peaks.
  • Your business is more scalable and adaptable.

The Robotic Process Automation provider NICE Systems and paulusresult

An RPA project with paulusresult is 100% success-based.


Overview of relevant office processes (Desktop Analytics);
Analyze process costs = monetary added value

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Identification of suitable office processes and ROI calculation, if necessary process optimization potential identified

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Implementation and support by RPA Consultant

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Success Control

Monitoring, Continious Improvement (automated)

The technology we use comes from NICE Systems, an international provider of automation, security and customer satisfaction solutions.

Price & Qualification

The price of the solution depends on the savings we realize for you.  This means that in the end you do not pay the license costs for a software, but a share of the cost savings that we have realized for you with Robotic Process Automation. If you have no savings, you pay nothing. That means maximum security for you.

In order to determine whether your company has potential for an RPA project, we offer a free initial analysis. Simply contact us (subject: “Free Initial Analysis RPA”) – we look forward to hearing from you!

Which industries do Robotic Process Automation suppliers work with?

NPS-Branchenlösung Maschinenbau

Industry: BOM creation, BDE automation

Handwerker NPS

Public services: Meter values, invoicing, new customers

Handel NPS

Trade: customer deletion, updating webshop / shipping data

Banking NPS

Bank: card activation, fraud processing

Versicherung NPS

Insurance: Claims handling

Due Dilligence NPS

Utilities: Selection of consumer points

Healthcare / clinics: patient files, digital health insurance card / billing health insurance companies


Our ERA team can do that if you wish. As a Robotic Process Automation provider, we look at the processes in your company together with you. In addition to our own analysis, we use software to find office processes with potential for RPA.

No, the nice thing about RPA is: Your office processes can stay the way they are – they just get faster. An example: Today you have customer data in your ERP system as well as in your CRM system. When you create a new contract, your employees must first enter the customer in the CRM system and then enter contract-relevant data in the ERP system. The robot takes over these manual tasks: Your employee asks him to enter the data in both systems. The robot does this in just a few seconds and displays the result for you to check. After confirmation by your employee, the process is completed.

I’d love to. The technology of the Robotic Process Automation supplier supplies:

  • Agile Technology
  • Log in to any application
  • System connects to system APIs
  • System copies and inserts data
  • System moves files and folders
  • Reads and writes to databases
  • Extracts and processes (semi-)structured content from documents, pdfs, emails and forms
  • Opens emails and attachments
  • Finds data on the web
  • Power calculations

In principle, you can of course continue to use the technology. You can continue to use the office processes that have already been optimized in the project. If you find further office processes after the end of the project where automation with a robot is worthwhile, you can continue the project on your own or with our support and achieve further savings. Our added value for you is that we perform a kind of continuous improvement monitoring for you during the project support and, if necessary, find further possible office processes for automation.
Whether you will have to bear the costs of further use after the end of the project depends on which license model you choose – a one-time purchase or a rental variant. We will discuss this with you and find a suitable solution for you.

After the implementation we accompany you and the project for a period of two years in real life. During this time we measure the success of the project and also determine if something is not running optimally. And stay tuned. After this time, you can be sure that your RPA solution will continue to run smoothly.

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