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These are our services for NPS:

Successful introduction of NPS®

Applied correctly, you will gain knowledge with a few questions as to whether your customers will remain loyal to you in the future – and why! We support you in the efficient and correct introduction of NPS.

NPS® software

Manage your entire NPS program in one central platform: customer survey, online survey, analysis & dashboards, closed-loop process. Quickly and easily implemented as a cloud solution, with interfaces to existing IT infrastructures.

nps happy or not

NPS®-Terminals: HappyOrNot®

Your customers are hard to interview? We prove the opposite! With the HappyOrNot® terminal you receive your customer feedback directly on the spot. In this way you can find out when and what annoys customers and can significantly increase your success.

Nps branchenlösungen

NPS®-Industry-specific solutions

Depending on the industry, there are special features in the introduction of NPS. Take advantage of best practices and practical examples from your industry. For your successful NPS program.

Is the NPS the right solution for my company?

The Net Promoter Score NPS®

The Net Promotor Score is a measure of customer loyalty. Based on the NPS, we have developed a methodology with which companies can find out how their customers think about them and what they should improve. To do this, a few simple questions are asked and evaluated. The results of the surveys are used to systematically implement improvements in the most important areas of the company using the NPS methodology.
Our NPS consulting begins with a kick-off workshop: In a preliminary discussion, we determine the agenda and important aspects in advance. In the workshop you will learn how a Net Promoter Score program works. Together with you, we work out the implementation in your company. In a finaltelco shortly after the workshop we clarify open questions and discuss further steps.

With the Net Promoter Score® methodology, you learn why your customers buy from you and what bothers them.

  • turn customers into enthusiastic fans
  • win loyal customers
  • know where the focal points from the customers view are in the company
  • establish a link with sales and earnings

With paulusresult your company becomes 100% customer-oriented – fast and efficient!

For the introduction of the NPS we offer workshops, consulting and best practices.

Blitz Customer Experience NPS
Glühbirne Customer Experience NPS
Smileys Customer Experience NPS
Handshake Customer Experience NPS

Net Promoter Score Methodology at a Glance

Find out what your customers love with just a few questions.

Easy to create and answer: With NPS, you ask a few questions once or twice a year. Your customers answer online or by SMS. They are asked about their willingness to recommend and the satisfaction of their customers with open and closed questions.

Identify focal points.

You receive all feedback from your customers as a detailed evaluation. With
✓ overview of your fans and of customers who are ready to migrate
✓ the customer drivers: Where do you have to invest to increase customer loyalty?
✓ a link to your financial data: How does an investment in your customer satisfaction affect your turnover and profitability?

For B2B  and B2C.

Gain insights and implement improvements: Since the survey is not anonymous, you can forward the customer feedback to the account managers, for example, so that improvements can be implemented directly.

To ensure that surveys and evaluations run quickly and easily, we create surveys using the system-based Satmetrix tool from the co-inventor of the NPS.

Customer Feedback Terminals.

Collect customer feedback directly on site and learn how your customers rate you. From retail to events to health care facilities, the terminals can be used almost anywhere. On the basis of the results, you initiate measures and increase your success and demonstrably your company result.

Cooperation and security.

Enthusiastic customers are our passion! If we implement a survey for you, we take over the work and you retain control. And once the work is done, we’ll face up to your feedback: you’re cordially invited to evaluate us in a survey according to the NPS methodology.

Successfully introduce the NPS and increase sales.

No more interview results that disappear into the drawer! Customer surveys with measurable ROI, response rates around 30% and results from which you can directly derive recommendations for action. 

Steps of the NPS implementation


Contact us


We get to know your company


Workshop NPS-Methodology


Conduct the first survey


Evaluation & Interpretation

How does NPS consulting for the introduction of the Net Promoter Score methodology work?

You will receive initial answers to your individual questions.  If you wish, we will then prepare an individual offer for you.

Answers to your questions

In a free initial interview, you will learn more about the Net Promoter Score methodology using best practice examples. This will give you an idea of whether and what successes you could achieve with the NPS in your company. If you wish, we can also answer your individual questions: Can your existing survey tool be integrated into the Net Promoter methodology? What does a system-supported survey look like?

If you are already planning an NPS project, we will specifically address your questions in order to give you initial tips & tricks.

Individual offer

If we were able to inspire you with the NPS methodology, you will receive an individual offer tailored to your needs. We offer fixed service packages for workshops, NPS modules and NPS industry solutions. Depending on the task at hand, we will prepare an offer for you from these modules and individually calculated services – tailor-made for your project.

Here we go: Together with you, we set the agenda for the workshop and record what is particularly important to you.

Agenda for the NPS Workshop

In a preliminary telephone conversation, we jointly determine the items on the agenda, e.g.

  • an explanation of the NPS methodology,
  • the customer selection,
  • the frequency of your interviews,
  • the formulation of the questions.
Important aspects of your company and your project

Every company is different. And that’s exactly what we take into account. Your company has to comply with special regulations, or part of your workforce doesn’t have time for an NPS program? Just tell us – we’ll propose solutions and together we’ll find the best way. In the telco and via email, we coordinate other important points of your NPS program (e.g. workshop participants, company-specific features, your goals in the project). We also discuss which information we need from you in advance (e.g. existing questionnaires, structure of reports from previous surveys).

We would also be pleased to discuss your company’s existing infrastructure, e.g. tools that you already use for your customer surveys.

You get exactly the know-how you need. The aim is for you to be able to start your NPS program directly after the workshop.


First, the theory, then the practice: At the Kick-Off Workshop itself, we bring along our concentrated know-how, e.g. best practices from your industry. You will also receive suggestions for implementation directly in your company. Based on this, we determine the details of your NPS program: What are realistic goals? Which customers should be surveyed? What will your questionnaire look like? What details do you need to consider in order to be able to calculate financial correlation data after the evaluation (e.g. evaluations of how your turnover can increase on average if you turn critical customers into enthusiastic fans)?

The ‘tomorrow can start’ approach

We design the workshop interactively and make sure that all participants take part. The aim is for you to be able to get started with your NPS programme directly after the workshop. You will receive the materials and results by email after the workshop so that you can get started right away.

What data is required? Which requirements must be fulfilled in order to technically implement the NPS? 


The more care you take at the beginning to select the data, the better the results will be. Therefore, we attach great importance to data selection. Together with you, we check which data and segments are available in your company. Then we determine how the data can later be used for the evaluation. This saves you time and money for creating meaningful reports.

Technical Requirements

No matter whether you already have a survey or survey tool, or don’t even know whether you need one: After the preliminary discussions with you, we have a first impression of your current survey tools and ideas. In the workshop, we explain the technical requirements for implementing the NPS program and what you need to bear in mind when selecting a tool.  As an additional consulting service for you, we will gladly check whether the implementation of the NPS program is possible with your existing tool.

Alternatively, we offer the Satmetrix software tool for NPS programs from approx. 1,000 customers. We (and many other companies) think that it is the ideal system for questioning customers about the NPS methodology. With Satmetrix software, you can manage the survey, invitation dispatch, analysis and closed loop in a single solution. You can send your survey via email, SMS or survey link across multiple countries and time zones. The automated, freely configurable dashboards allow you to respond to customer feedback in real time with software support.

Another option is to get feedback with the HappyOrNot Smiley terminals. By pressing a smiley button, your customers or employees give their feedback directly on site.

Satmetrix: The complete package from the co-inventor of the NPS
  • Einladungsmanagement
  • Analysen und automatisierte Dashboards
  • CRM-Integration
  • Social-Media-Integration
NPS-surveys as a service

If you do not wish to buy or use your own system, we can create the survey for you in the Satmetrix system and send you the evaluations regularly. Please contact us for an individual offer.

When implementing your NPS program, we will accompany you on request with consulting, as a complete implementation or with individual consulting packages, at a fixed price.  

Security & Control

We can accompany the introduction or carry out the surveys for you with the help of a system. You decide. We work with fixed prices and tailor the introduction individually to your company. We do the work, you retain control.

Project Management

If you have placed an order with us to implement your NPS program, we use project management methods such as Six Sigma and GPM/IPMA to keep an overview of all the steps in your program. We also support you with best practices for tricky questions such as How do I inspire employees and managers with the NPS program and ensure its success? What do I have to pay attention to when I collect non-anonymous customer feedback? Which data is necessary to create the desired analyses and evaluations of the NPS later on?

NPS-Health-Checks and consulting-packages

As part of NPS consulting, we carry out NPS health checks for our customers once or twice a year on request: You will then know which measures based on customer feedback you can take to further increase your customer satisfaction. Just have a look at our shop, we offer consulting packages at a fixed price.

With our Net Promoter Score program, you get:

  • Survey results that really pay off – helping you to make the right decisions for your company
  • Information you can use to decide which areas in your company (e.g. support, product usage) need to be improved so that your customers stay with you.

Are you interested in an NPS program or a customer survey based on the Net Promoter Score methodology?

NPS® programs and customer surveys tailored to your industry.

There are sector-specific differences in the introduction of the NPS. We offer solutions for different industries.

How the NPS works in B2C and B2B

Every industry ticks differently. With an NPS customer survey, you receive evaluations on the basis of which you can make decisions for your company. Therefore, we pay attention to industry-specific features, e.g:

  • Do you survey B2C or B2B customers?
  • Which product categories and customer types are there in your company?
  • Who decides on a purchase in your industry? We take this into account when segmenting your customers and designing your survey and evaluations.
  • Which industry-specific specifications or special regulations (e.g. works council) do you have to observe in your survey?

Learn more about the NPS introduction

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