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Do you know what your customers think about you?

Especially in today’s competitive situation, it is a decisive competitive advantage for your company to be able to answer this question. The satisfaction of your customers determines their loyalty, the recommendation rate and ultimately the success of your company.

Measure your customer or employee satisfaction with our wireless, always operational HappyOrNot® terminals. Our uncomplicated, anonymous and easy-to-use 4 smileys help you understand your customers and employees in all business environments. They encourage interaction, increase customer and employee engagement, and give you 20 times more feedback compared to our competitors’ solutions.

Smiley terminals can be used to monitor identified vulnerabilities and verify the success of actions taken. With the HappyOrNot® customer satisfaction terminals you demonstrably increase your turnover. In order to make this transparent, we are happy to support you and link your sales with your customer feedback.


HappyOrNot is the leading solution for fast and effective recording of employee or customer satisfaction with only four smileys. 

High user acceptance delivers reliable results on an hourly basis to identify problem areas and trends. HappyOrNot is a field-proven solution used by tens of millions of users each year. If you would like to know whether HappyOrNot is also suitable for your application, please contact us or reserve a demo appointment.

Further information on the website of HappyOrNot. For details visit the website of HappyOrNot or contact us.

HappyOrNot Smiley Terminal™ - Improve Your Business with Customer Feedback
HappyOrNot feedback terminal buttons

Control knobs. This results in high feedback rates. Feedback on customer-specific questions such as “How was your shopping experience”, etc. is recorded. The terminal is available in various set-up variants for maximum flexibility at the point of use.

Happy or not

Reporting is carried out according to individual settings according to recipient group and desired frequency (from daily to monthly by push-mail). At the same time the reporting is available online.


Through benchmarking and best practices, our customers achieve a 10% annual improvement in customer satisfaction. This reduces customer churn and increases the profitability of existing customers.

Different variants – maximum flexibility

Each company is individual and just as different are the questions and the places where they are asked. Our HappyOrNot® terminals are therefore available in several variants:

HappyOrNot® Smiley Touch™

Smiley Touch

HappyOrNot feedback terminal touch

Smiley Terminal Slim

HappyOrNot_Services_Smiley_Terminal_01 Ausschnitt klein

Smiley Terminal

With the HappyOrNot® Smiley Terminal™ and the HappyOrNot® Smiley Terminal™ Slim you get an anonymous, quick and easy solution to collect customer feedback and learn how your customers rate you and your services.

Ask your question on the terminal’s question board and you’re ready to go. The completely wireless system, which collects feedback “at the touch of a button”, can be used almost anywhere indoors. The 4 colourful smileys encourage your customers to give their feedback. The easy handling and user-friendliness as well as the very short time required to answer the question (< 1 second) bring you a feedback rate of up to 40%.

You want to know more?

Then the HappyOrNot® Smiley Touch™ is your favourite. The modern touch screen solution offers you through a 3-step survey more insights into the reasons and causes of the delivered feedback. The stylish design motivates to give feedback, 3 questions can be answered quickly and easily. This leads to a very high response rate and brings you representative results.

Different installation options for both terminals allow you a very flexible use to measure your customer satisfaction:




Wall Fastening


Table line-up


Railing Attachment

This makes it easy to place the equipment anywhere, and you can conduct your indoor customer or employee survey almost anywhere. The devices do not require WLAN for this. The devices are equipped with a GSM card. The HappyOrNot® terminal requires a Vodaphone signal at its installation location so that the data can be transmitted. The Smiley Touch™ also requires a power connection.

Let’s go – immediately ready to go

The terminals already have everything you need to carry out your customer survey. You can easily get started right after setting up. Just ask your question (e.g. “How satisfied were you with our service today?”) and start collecting feedback right away. Your customers or employees answer your question by pressing the smiley that best matches their experience. The smiley Touch™ is followed by a follow-up selection and open feedback. The web-based reporting service collects and analyzes the data.

Both terminal variants are very easy to operate and easy to administer. You can, for example, change your own questions at any time. For this purpose, the question label on the Smiley Terminal™ can be exchanged quickly and easily, while on the Smiley Touch™ you can manage your entire survey yourself with just a few clicks. In order to get reliable results, you can define the time period for the terminal to collect data (e.g. only during business hours). In addition, interval protection prevents multiple feedback from being evaluated.

Everything at a glance

The graphical processing of the results on an hourly basis or aggregated allows you a quick overview of when and where your service quality fluctuates. You can comfortably combine the results into reports and have them automatically sent by e-mail to your recipient list or to recipient groups defined by you. You also decide on the frequency of the reports. All results and reports are available online at any time. An export function enables you to further process all results as PDF, Excel and PPT and via the HappyOrNot® Api interface you can easily integrate your data into your other services if required. You are notified automatically by e-mail if negative feedback exceeds a specified threshold value. In this way, you will be able to detect any service interruptions in good time and intervene in a controlling manner (additional chargeable service).

On the basis of the knowledge gained, you can take measures to increase your customer satisfaction. The renewed customer feedback gives you immediate feedback as to whether the measure taken is successful.

The HappyOrNot® customer satisfaction terminals help you to identify the critical points in relation to the customer experience, to improve your services and, last but not least, to increase your success.

HappyOrNot feedback terminal mobile app

Alles im Blick dank übersichtlichem Reporting

Well looked after all around

The terminals are very easy to operate and administer. Each device comes with comprehensive instructions explaining the most important steps and settings. If you have any questions, our support is there for you.

Our support team will also be happy to assist you with the introduction of HappyOrNot® or during operation. On request and for a fee you will receive the full service from us:

  • we set up your reporting system for you.
  • we organize with you an introductory webinar for a successful project start.
  • In another webinar we will help you to interpret the results of your survey correctly.
  • In addition, we offer you telephone and mail support over the entire duration of your project.

From a single source

Integrate your terminals into your corporate design. Starting from a quantity of 5 devices you have the possibility to design your Smiley Terminal™ or your Smiley Touch™ in your individual design. Talk to us!

Smiley_Terminal_ALL_branding-options_retail_big_DE Kopie
Smiley Touch Custom

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